Monday, December 5, 2011

Love Story

Here is a short story of my illustration, is quite sad story, maybe happened in someone's life. Find your true love, don't miss it and protect it.

Here is the story.

S( stupid girl ) is a girl who love dream, and P( poor guy ) was S's lover, P was really love S, but S didn't find that, S thought he is bad and not show nice to her, so S left P with her friends' help.
S is a beauty, so she is easy to meet a new love.
S fell L( liar) is nice guy, always nice for her. This time s fall in love so quick, S lost in L's sweet words. Even other people find L is not really love S , he just want to play with her, but she cannot see.
Just few days L leave S.
S don't believe that...  
S begin to drink and drunk, she feel tired.
S begin to remember P, and the time they spend together, S found P is her true love.
S want back to P, but too late, she cannot backto him, P was gone... She cannot find him, she hurt him, she hurt her true love...

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